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Commitment for telecommunication service hundreds of thousands of won.…

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Kim Young-joon, a 70th-something consumer, said, "As we no longer provide cable broadcasting services, we cannot watch TV unless we subscribe to home phone, TV and Internet combined products." Although he signed up for a combined product under the pressure of his employees, he had to pay hundreds of thousands of won in cancellation penalty fees because he did not get the channel he used to watch and asked for the cancellation.

In response to the development of telecommunication services represented 안전놀이터
by smartphones, complaints from consumers regarding telecommunication services are also becoming more diverse than before. In particular, elderly consumers are complaining about the high cost of telecommunication and cancellation of contracts for broadcasting and communication products.

On May 5, a discussion of policies on 'communication services viewed by consumers' was held at the third seminas room of the National Assembly. The discussion, jointly hosted by the Korean Consumer Council and Rep. Kim Kyung-jin of the National Assembly's Science and Technology Information Broadcasting and Communications Committee, discussed sharing the cases of consumers' complaints and how to resolve them.

"Consumers had the most problems during the terminal use phase, single service, and joint products.

In particular, there was a lot of consumer damage caused by complex structures of a combination that was difficult to understand, how to set discount rates for products and lack of explanation for contracts. Jung Ji-yeon, secretary general of the Korea Consumer Federation, pointed out, "If a combined product is sold in the process of phone sales, the damage caused by the consumers' lack of information provision is not sufficient.


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